Access Cards

You must have an access card to use the Mariposa Community Center. Access Cards are only issued to residents and may not be loaned or transferred. 

How do I get an Access Card?

Please contact the Mariposa Homeowners Association to set up an orientation. Access Cards are issued once the orientation is completed.

Proof of residency is required.

How much do Access Cards cost?

During the initial home sale, the homeowner receives two Access Cards without charge — additional Access Cards cost $25 each. 

If you bought your home as a resale, you must purchase your Access Cards.

Access Card cost is subject to change.

What if I lease or rent my home?

Access Cards are for resident use only. Homeowners who lease or transfer occupancy of their Unit must turn in their Access Cards to the Association office.

Tenants are eligible to purchase Access cards for $25 each if:

  • A copy the lease/rental/transfer agreement is provided to the Association.
  • The homeowner has turned in their Access Cards and relinquished their rights to use the Community Center facilities.
  • The homeowner is current with assessments and in good standing with the Association.